Project Description

  • ac servo drive for spindle control on CNC

BKC Series AC Servo Drives&Motors  
Special for Spindle Control of CNC

DHS Series same to the parameters of FANUC-αiIP、αiIL spindle motors
DHSG Series same to the parameters of FANUC-αiIT spindle motors

General servo drives&motors up to 350kW


servo motor for spindle control

AC Servo Drive and Motor special for Spindle Control of CNC Machines

Model Specifications

BK C – CS – 4T 018  –    G P 8 R –  0000 – 0304

1     2       3     4     5         6  7  8  9        10         11

No Name Options
1 Series BK Book Series
2 Type C:Integrated Motor Driver Unit
S:Single Motor Driver Unit
D:Double Motor Driver Unit
P:AC Rectification / Braking Unit
3 Exterior AS、CS、AH、CH、EH、FH、GH
4 Voltage Class 2T:220V
5 Rated Current S1 Duty Rated Output AC Current Effective Value(A)
6 Encoder Interface Type  N:No Encoder Interface
G:Incremental Quadrature Interface(RS422)
X:Resolver Interface
7 Instruction InterfaceType X:No Interface Module,just mBUS
P:GPIO Module
E:ECAT Module
8 Platform Type
9 mBUS Interface Type K:mBUS Non-isolated(RS485)
R:mBUS Isolated(RS422)
C:mBUS Isolated(CAN 2.0B)
10 Hardware version code 0000
11 Software version code

Specification Summarizing

Type Shape Type Power of Matched Motor(kW) S1 Rated Output Current(AACeff) Brake Resistor(Ω/W)
BKC-AS-4T008 AS 3.7 8.5 40/1000
BKC-AS-4T012 5.5 12 40/1000
BKC-AS-4T017 7.5 17 32/1000
BKC-CS-4T018 CS 7.5 18 32/1000
BKC-CS-4T024 11 24 26/1500
BKC-CS-4T030 13 30 20/2500
BKC-CS-4T035 15 35 20/2500
BKC-CH-4T037 CH 18.5 37 20/2500
BKC-CH-4T045 22 45 26/1500 x 2
BKC-CH-4T060 30 60 26/1500 x 2
BKC-EH-4T075 EH 37 75 20/2500 x 2
BKC-EH-4T090 45 90 20/2500 x 2

For the detailed parameters of the driver, please see BK Series manual.

Standard of DH/DHG/DHS/DHSG Motor

In accordance with the technical conditions of the German AMK AC servo spindle motor, in accordance with motor common technical standards such as IEC、CE、GB/T 7344 and JB/T 10391.

Key Technical Indexes

Power Range:0.55~350KW
Frame Number:08~22
Rated Voltage:380V
Pole Number:4 poles
Protection Grade:IP55
Insulation Grade:F
Vibration Grade:R or S
Environment Temperature:-15~45℃
Altitude:less than 1000M
Rated Speed:250/375/500/600/750/1000/1500/2000/3000rpm
Encoders:internal optical-electricity encoder or rotary transformer
Heat-dissipating Method:forced air cooling
Fan Voltage:380V

Function of Motor and Drive

▲rigid tapping ▲high-speed constant power cutting
▲position control ▲high-speed response
▲function of C axis ▲low-speed large torque cutting
▲synchronous control ▲position fuction
▲zero speed lock ▲homing model function
▲speed control ▲torque control

Characteristic of DH/DHG series AC asynchronous servo spindle motor

  • l Introduce technology of German AMK.
  • l Master the core technology of the servo spindle motor after years of digestion, absorption, innovation.
  • l Under same power and the condition of the same rated speed, 75Kw(included)and above have minimum volume and lightest weight.
  • l overload capacity:1.5 times 30 minutes,2 times 5 minutes,3 times 0.5 minutes.
  • l Bearings are all imported, silicon steel sheet are all made of cold rolled material.
  • l Provide customized service,such as different rated voltage、rated frequency and so on, according to customer requirements.

Characteristic of DHS/DHSG series double speed servo spindle motor

  • Have domestic patent certificate;
  • The only domestic company that master this core technology;
  • DHS series have almost same technical parameters compared with αiIP、αiIL series AC servo spindle motor of FANUC;
  • DHSG series have same technical parameters compared with αiIT series AC servo spindle motor of FANUC;
  • Supplement multiple specifications that FANUC does not have,which give more choices to users;
  • Do not need double speed gear that Siemens ZF-DUOPLAN have。

For example, a customer has been useing 30KW (rated power),1000 rpm (rated speed) and 286N (rated torque) servo spindle motor in CNC Vertical Lathe,now he can add ZF-2K300(1:1 and 1:4) double speed gear,which is a solution combining 30Kw servo drivers, ZF-2K300 double speed gear with 30KW/1000rpm servo spindle motor. Using 1:4 rate at low speeds, spindle motor can output 1146N.m torque at 0-250rpm. Using 1:1 rate at high speeds, spindle can output 286N.m constant torque at 0-1000rpm and 30KW constant power at 1000-3000rpm。If we use SDS series 30Kw servo driver and DHS-2-250 double speed servo spindle motor, the motor have almost same performance, that is, spindle motor can output 1146N.m torque at low speed (0-250rpm), spindle can output 382N.m constant torque at high speed (0-750 rpm) and 30KW constant power at 750-3000rpm.With the matched SDS servo driver of our company, the cost can be greatly reduced.

AC servo drives for CNC machines



Spindle Control_ AC Servo Drive User Manual Download
Spindle Control_AC Servo Motor Technical Data Download