Project Description

ac servo drive with EtherCAT

EtherCAT Based AC Servo Drive

IGBT PWM control, sinewave current drive
220V: Single phase or three phases full wave current
2500ppr  incremental encoder
17bits absolute encoder
LED 5 bit display
PC host software
Safety function with international standard: STO/SS1/SS2/SBC


iK3- EtherCAT Based AC Servo Drive

Specifications and Key Features.



Control mode IGBT PWM control, sinewave current drive
220V: Single phase or three phases full wave current
Encoder 2500ppr  incremental encoder
17bits absolute encoder
Working environment Use/storage temperature 0~45℃( derating above 45℃, average load rate ≤80%) / 40~70℃
Use/storage humidity Less 90%RH( no condensation)
Anti-vibration/ impact resistance 4.9m/s2, 19.6m/s2
Altitude Lower than 1000m above sea level
EtherCAT Slave


EtherCAT-Slave  Basic  functions Protocol EtherCAT
Service supported CoE( PDO,SDO)
Synchronous DC- distribution clock
Physical layer 100BASE-TX
Baud rate 100Mbit/s(100BASE-TX)
Duplex mode Full duplex mode
Topological structure Spherical, line type
Transmission media STP CAT5E(Shielded Twisted Pair) or higher standard cables
Transmission distance 100m between two nodes(good environment and cables)
Slave number Support 65535 as per protocol, actual use less 100 pcs

frame length

Process data Max 1486byte for single Ethernet frame
Two slaves

synchronous joggle

Refresh time 30us for 1000 switch input/output
100us for 100 servo axis
Error rate of communication 10-10 Ethernet standard



FMMU unit 8 nos
Storage syn-operation unit 8 nos
Process data RAM 8KB
Distributed clock 64bit
Analog signals Analog-speed command input Input voltage -10V ~ +10V
Analog-torque command input Input voltage -10V ~ +10V
Input&output signals Digital input


Signal-allocation and functions 5 DI
Servo enable, positive/reverse motion prohibition, positive/reverse current prohibition, positive/reverse limit switch, back to zero close switch,

bus IO input,  probe1, probe2, fault reset

Digital output


Signal-allocation and functions 3 DO
Servo back to zero completion, servo operation preparation completion, servo fault, position trace overrun, aim position arrive, STO enable mark, bus IO output, brake output
Built-in functions OT(over travel)  prohibition Immediately stop once upon P-OT,N-OT
E-gear ratio 0.1048576≤ B/A ≤ 419430.4
Protection Over current, over voltage, under voltage, over load, over heat, main circuit abnormal, phase loss, over speed, encoder abnormal, CPU abnormal, parameter abnormal, etc.
LED display Main supply charge, 5 bit display
RS232 Status display, parameter setting, monitor display, alarm trace display, JOG operation and auto tune, surveying and mapping of speed and torque command signals
Others Gain adjustment, alarm record
Items High Performance Bus Based ik3 AC Servo Drive
Power Class/AC220V (kW) 0.4 0.75 1.5 2.2 3 5
Output Current (A) 2.8 5.5 10 12 16 25
Power Class/AC380V (kW) 5 7.5
Output Current (A) 12 20
PC Software Parameters setting via PC software Upload, download, reset, import and export
Waveform monitor via PC software Waveform storage before fault happens, review, measurement analysis,linear switch and FFT analysis of historical waveform,
Status control via PC software Support position, speed and torque control, start/stop, positive&reverse control, staus monitor, and fault diagonsis
Support communication with servo drives with various address
Safety function with international standard: STO/SS1/SS2/SBC
Optional handheld operators support parameters setting, monitor the status of servo drive and motor


User Manual of AC Servo Drive with EtherCAT Download
PC host software  Download