Project Description

V series AC Servo Drive&Motor Special for Flying Shear /Saw Control

  • The motion controller is integrated into the servo drive to reduce the failure rate of the motion controller to 0
  • The servo drive contains high performance 32-bit microprocessor, and 125us dynamic high-speed computing loop, high dynamic response. Easy to achieve all kinds of high accuracy, high-speed cutting.
  • Both Permanent Magnet synchronous servo motor and also asynchronous servo motors can be controlled.
  • Superior synchronous performance to ensure the incision neat and beautiful.
  • The whole system is simple, efficient, reliable, and reduces the cost of making maintenance

Flying Shear/Saw Control_AC Servo Drive and Motor

VEC-VBR servo contains the automatic flying shear (wheel cutting) control function. Cutter tools can automatically rotate with the length of the processing material or the feeding speed. The angle of the synchronous interval and the cutting length can be set and realize automatic operation, which is different from the general use of CAM control. With string/arc correction function, it can be used for thicker material cutting such as steel sheet flying shearing. It can also be used for cursor tracking, suitable for fixed-length/ positioning cutting in printing industry.

VEC-VBF servo drive contains the automatic flying saw function, which automatically controls the advance speed of the saw bench with the feeding speed of the processing material. When reaching the set length, and into the synchronous area, a cutting signal can be sent. The cutting completion signal will be sent after cutting the processing material. The saw bench will rapidly return to the origin for the next cutting

Applications of Flying Shear/Saw Servo Drive

  • Steel bar fixed-length flat cutting machine,
  • Corrugated paper-cutting machines
  • Steel sheet flying shearing
  • Horizontal and vertical packaging machines
  • Chrome-printing machines
  • Filling /injection machine,
  • Centrifugal blade fixed-length cutting machine (after the cosmetics goods or toothpaste tube extruder),
  • Fixed-length saw cutting machine (after high-frequency welded pipes production line, PVC pipes or profile extrusion machine production line segment),
  • Fixed-length cutting machine (twill spiral paper tube production line segment) and other specialized processing equipments needed to be moved along with processing parts.

Technical Features of Flying Shear/Saw Servo Drive

  • Built-in the motion controller
  • The permanent magnet brushless servo or induction servo motor can be directly controlled
  • High performance 32-bit microprocessor and 125us dynamic high-speed computing loop
  • The length data is set at eight digits (0 ~ 99,999,999), which can be accurate to the um unit
  • High speed long pulse signal (A/B phase,CW/CCW, CK/DIR, etc.) acceptable, up to the maximum 400Kpps
  • Automatic search for mechanical origin (absolute coordinate method)
  • To specify the origin of the machine (relative coordinate method) by forward/reverse inch moving.
  • Automatically track the feed speed and calculating the acceleration function of the front S curve.
  • During the acceleration of the S curve,the torsional force compensation could be made, then quick synchronization can be realized and reduce the cutting error.
  • The four S curves (acceleration/deceleration on forward, acceleration/deceleration on reverse) can be set individually
  • Print Mark automatically corrects cutting length
  • Print Mark can be set at Mark-Window to enhance Mark identification capability.
  • 5 groups auxiliary ECAM output can be set at any angles( VEC-VBR), response speed ≤ 2ms
  • You can set two groups of length data and can change the set value or switch to another set of data in operation.
  • Able to micro-correct the cutting length automatically
  • It has the input function of the feeding speed of the simulation mainline, so as to facilitate the commissioning of the engineers
  • It contains humanized automatic length conversion function
  • The software is of forward/reverse running limit protection setting function, and independent travel warning setting function
  • RS-485 interface, which provides MODBUS RTU communication protocol, which can be set directly via HMI,or the length data and parameters are set by means of communication at PC,PLC
  • Active calculation of running data ,beneficial to the monitoring of system operation

VEC-VBF Flying Saw Servo Drive System

VEC-VBR Flying Shear Servo Drive System

Flying Shear/Saw Control_ AC Servo Drive and Motor Download