Project Description

Elevator Door Controller  MD100

AC Servo drive based control technology
No cam switch control solution for elevato door
Position closeloop control,precision reaches to 1mm
Compatible with CAN communication
No fan design,compact structure, highly reliable and stable
Comply with OTIS 51628 electrical standard
The most optimized PID algorithm and vector control
High precision,quick response
Smooth running curve
Encoder: Absolute type magnetic encoder



Technical Specification:

Control input and Output signal terminal
Input :
LIGHT CURTAIN- connect common – curtain for curtain signal Under development
INPUT COMMON- Internal power supply DC 24V for input signal
OPEN/CANL – connect common – open will open the door

CLOSE/CANH- connect common – Close will close the door
SLOW CLOSE – connect common – Slow Close will close the door slowly in fire mode
Output :
OUTPUT COMMON- Door open、 close limit output common
DOOR OPEN LIMIT- common – Door open limit output will connect when full opened
DOOR CLOSE LIMIT- common – Door close limit output will connect when full closed
OBSTRUCTION COMMON – Obstruction Common
OBSTRUCTION SIGNAL NC -Obstruction Common – Obstruction signal NC will disconnect when obstruction happens
OBSTRUCTION SIGNAL NO -Obstruction Common – Obstruction signal NO will connect when obstruction happens

Encoder input :

ENCODER- Connect the D-type 9pin encoder terminal of the motor to this terminal.

door controller

Why Use Servo Based Elevator Car Door Controller Instead of VVVF Controller?

Our door controllers serve plenty of elevator brands also including OTIS Elevators.

You may benefit the following advantages of servo based car door controllers,
  • High accurate position control.Servo control system can improve an order of magnitude precision higher than that of other door control systems.
  • Intelligent control of the closing door can be realized to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • A variety of functions of program (auto tune, opening, closing, close door force detection, close door force maintenance, and fire fighting operation) improve the  performance of the door machines.
  • Synchronous door knife technology, ensure  the sychronous open/close operation of both of the doors of the hall and car.
  • Adopt synchronous belt mechanical transmission, structure simple and low noise.
  • Eliminate door wide limit/
  • Full software programming& digital control realizes the most reliable&safe control system.
  • Available for different elevator manufacturers.
  • Free of maintenance and long service life .
  • The most optimized,smooth speed control.
  • Safe return function (anti-pinch) .In case a person is squeezed during closing door, the control system immediately detects the change of the feedback torque and the door will be opened in the opposite direction to ensure the safety of the personnel.
  • Anti-pull function . When the door is closing normally, the controller close the door tightly with low speed and small torque. In case the special torque changes are detected (someone’s door, etc.), immediately force the door to close, and will be automatically withdrawn  under the normal condition.
  • Auto tune( self -learning) functions. According to different specifications of the door and open width and different operation state, the control systems carry out the automatic self-learning program to record the action position of the door.This function runs automatically every time the power is on, and  specify the initial state of the gate.
  • Friendly human-computer interface.

Elevator Door Controller Brief Technical Data Download
Elevator Door Controller User Manual  Download