Project Description

1.2kHZ speed loop response bandwidth, the position tuning time is up to 1ms.
Support software on PC
Support incremental encoder, absolute value bus encoder 23bit.
Support MODBUS, CANopen and EtherCAT communication.
Rich interface, 9 multi-function input interfaces, support 51 kinds of input functions, 6 multi-function.
output interfaces, support 23 kinds of output functions.
Four sets of adaptive notch filters can suppress end jitter at two different frequencies.
Support 16-segment non-position control function, 32-segment indexing control function.
turret function.
Support for exclusive feature customization.

CE mark

GHA AC Servo Drive 400W 750W 1kW 1.5kW
3202 3204 3205 3206
Power supply Single phase or three phases, AC220V +-15%,50/60Hz
Output current 3.3A 4A 5A 6A
Cooling type Natural cooling Fan cooling
Encoder resolution 16 bit,17/23bit/2500ppr
Main circuit control SVPWM
Operation mode Manual / automatic
Dynamic braking None Built-in
Position Control
Max input pulse frequency Difference: 500K(low speed) 2M(high speed), Collector open: 200K
Pulse command Direction + pulse, positive and negative pulse, orthogonal pulse
Input position control 1: command pulse compensation α choice 2: command pulse compensation α choice1 3: remove deviation
Feedforward compensation Parameter setting P1-08
E Gear Ratio 1~100009999/1~100009999  P0-06/07/08/09
Speed Control
Analog input: voltage range 0 ~ +-10V
Analog input: Resistance range 10K
Speed control range 1:6000
Speed command filter mode Low pass and S curve smooth filtering
Torque limit Parameters setting or analog input
Torque Control
Analog input: voltage range 0 ~ +-10V
Analog input: Resistance range 10K
Command filter mode Low pass smooth filtering
Speed limit Parameters setting or analog input
Digital input 9 DI: Enable, alarm reset, gain switching, pulse remove, forward/reverse control,speed command selection, control mode selection and switching, emergency stop,forward /reverse limit, E-Gear ratio switching
Digital output 6 DO: Ready, zero speed, end of positioning, torque limit output, servo alarm
Protection function Overvoltage/current, under voltage, overheat/load/speed, excessive position deviation, etc
Communication protocol Modbus, CANopen, EtheCAT

internal position control

End jette suppression

EtherCAT function

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