Project Description

  • PC commissioning software

GTHD series high performance servo
drive features hardware and software design
innovations that deliver superior servo
performance, industry-leading power density
and extensive versatility. GTHD supports
virtually any motor, any feedback type, and
any I/O requirement. Product functionality
covers most applications that servo control
needs, offering seamless commissioning
through ServoITE software or direct terminal
access, with all–in-one tuning of current,
velocity, and position control loops.


GTHD Servo Drive

-Rotary servo motor

-Linear motor

Main Features

• High power density drive in one of the smallest footprints
• New current loop design for outstanding frequency response of up to 3 kHz.
• Real time Auto-Tune function minimizing position error and settling time
• Anti-Vibration algorithm that effectively eliminates any mechanical resonance
• User friendly ServoITE software for simple commissioning within minutes
• Encoder feedback interpolation – total theoretical resolution supported as much as 26 bits
Furthermore, can connect seamlessly with multi-axes motion controller, such as GTS-, GUCseries
throughout high efficient gLink communication protocol and therefore provide all-in-one
solutions for wide range of industrial applications.

gLink (trademarked) is a high performance proprietary communication protocol developed by Googol Technology with ultra-short refreshing rate (10us, 32bytes per cycle) ensuring the quality of real time control.


Supported motor :              Rotary/Linear / DDR / Brush or brushless
Encoder and protocol:       Incremental encoder/ Absolute Encoder/ Resolver/ Sin wave encoder /Cos wave encoder/EnDAT2.1&EnDAT 2.2
Control mode:                     Position / Velocity / CurrentPulse signal Pulse + Direction/±Pulse
Maximum output frequency:     50 kHz
Speed range:                        0~6000 rpm
Speed control accuracy:     <±0.2%
Speed fluctuation:               <±0.3%
Positioning accuracy:          <±1pulse
Current loop bandwidth:  3000 Hz
Velocity loop bandwidth: 600 Hz
Position loop bandwidth: 100 HZ
Digital IO:                           11 Input / 6 Output
Analog IO:                           2 Input / 1 Output
Operating Temperature:   -10~45℃
Humidity:                            5%~95%
Communication bus supported : gLink/RS232/USB/CanOpen/EtheCat/ProfiNet