Project Description

Encoder based on a transmissive disk and an optoelectronic reading head.

Allow to have an absolute position each turn with a resolution of up to 21 bit.
An electronic multiturn counter can detect up to 65536 turns. Without power supply the multiturn counter has to be supplied
by an external back battery.


Environmental specifications
Shock:   250g, 6ms (CEI EN 60068-2-27)
Vibrations:   10g, 5-2000 Hz (CEI EN 60068-2-6)
Protection:   IP00
Operating temp. range:    -25°C +100°C (+110°C on request)
Storage temp. range:     -25°C + 85°C

Mechanical specifications
Dimensions:    outer diameter Ø55 mm thickness: <15/20 mm
Hollow shaft / Internal diameter:    Ø24 mm
Shaft rotational speed:    10000 rpm (mechanical)
Axial shaft run-out:    100 µm max.
Radial shaft run-out:    20 µm max.
Electrical connections:    PCB connector (connection cable not supplied)
Weight:     t.b.d.

Electrical specifications
Resolution :    Single turn: max. 21 bit. (2097152 cpr) multi-turn: max. 16 bit (65536 turns) ,Incremental :    1024 PPR

Accuracy:    < ±0,01° @ 16 bit
Repeatability:    (t.b.c.)
Output circuits:     Biss-C (Clock rate>10Mhz) incremental; 1Vpp sine/cosine
Counting frequency:    200 kHz (on 1024 PPR incr. track)
Power supply:     +5Vdc ±5%
Power consumption:     0,5 W
EMC:     CEI EN-61000-4-2 CEI EN-61000-4-4

Encoder body:     anticorodal, UNI EN AW-6082
Disk hub:     anticorodal, UNI EN AW-6082
Disk:     glass

Catalog download: Hollow Absolute Encoder