Project Description

MD600 Integrated Elevator Inverter

Direct arrival function ,automatically generate operation curve as per distance ,higher efficiency,better comfort
Simple commissioning supports auto tune of synchronous motor
Support car commissioning
Time independent adjustment for car call,hall call and base station
Modbus C+/C- for paralleled control
Micro-adjustment for floor up/down 20mm without changing magnet vane’s position.
Rich elevator functions meeting various requirements for different users and areas such as fire control,operators,elevator lock,VIP, rescue, etc.
Multiple PG cards for different encoders on synchronous and asynchronous motors

Clients: Kone Elevator, Edunburgh Elevator,Giant Elevators,…


integrated elevator control panel

Model Specification

Voltage class Model Power Capacity






220V -22P2 9.8 10.3 2.2
220V -23P7 12.1 15.5 3.7
220V -25P5 17.3 22.5 5.5
220V -2011 23.1 27.7 11
33 34.6 15
400V -42P2 4.0 5.1 2.2
400V -43P7 5.9 9.0 3.7
400V -45P5 8.9 13 5.5
400V -47P5 11 18 7.5
400V -4011 17 27 11
400V -4015 21 33 15
400V -4018 24 39 18.5
400V -4022 30 48 22
400V -4030 40 60 30
400V -4037 57 75 37
400V -4045 69 91 45
400V -4055 98 103 55

Note: If a higher voltage or power level requirements, please contact our company.

Function Description

1)Standard functions

Serial number Function name Function introduction Remark
1 Maintenance Operation It is used in the maintenance or debugging the elevator operating functions. When operating conditions are met,Press Up / Down on the Run button allows the elevator to overhaul the speed of point movements / down run. Continued to press the button, the elevator to keep running, release the button to stop running
2 Self-rescue leveling running When the elevator is in a state of non-maintenance, and did not stop at the leveling. If it meets the safety requirements to run .the lift will automatically run slowly to the nearest floor area, and then open the door
3 Attendant operation Through the toggle switch in operation panel can choose the driver operation, the driver can choose the direction and other functions (such as straight running function) The elevator close the door under the condition of the driver sustained press the close button.
4 Fire return to the base floor Receive the fire signal, the elevator will not respond to any calls and inside command .the elevator run the fastest way to the fire station and then open the door and stop
5 Firemen Operation In the operation of fire mode, the door does not automatically open or close. Only press the button can make the door action. The lift only response to one command in car once. Only when the elevator open the door stopped at the base station , reset the fire switch and fireman switch, the lift can run normally
6 Testing running Test run including new lifts fatigue test run, to test the elevator operation rules
7 Independent running Elevator does not response to outside –call and close the door automatically (when the elevator in parallel control , In order to supply special services for specific persons to carry VIP persons or goods. Press the independent running button then the elevator out of parallel control, independent running)
8 Automatic back to the base floor when beyond the setting time and there is no insidecall and outside-call ,elevators automatically return to the base station and wait for passengers
9 Direct stopping To the principle of distance, Automatically generate the smooth curves from start to of parking, no crawling, directly stop in the leveling position
10 With a load motor parameters of self-learning For asynchronous motors, the motor control system can automatically resistors, inductors, magnetic flux and other control parameters in order to accurately control the motor, and for permanent magnet synchronous motor, a control system can be completed to identify the angle of the rotary encoder.
Serial number Function name Function introduction Remark
11 Shaft parameters of self-learning Before the first run, system must self-learn the shaft parameters. Including the story on each floor, forced deceleration switch, limit switch position.
12 Elevator-locking function In automatically run state, after the elevator locked, the system eliminates all calls registered and then return to elevator-locked base station then open the door. After that the elevator stops running, closing the light and fan in car. When the lock switch has been reset the elevator re-entered to normal service state.
13 Full-load running Under the condition of run automatically without the driver, when the car with full load the elevator does not respond to outsidecalls in passing floor, only to the command signal
14 Lighting、fan energy-saving function When beyond the setting time and there is no insidecall and outside call the elevator will automatically turn off the light and fan in car
15 Floor service set System can be flexible choose to shut down or activate one or more elevators service floors and stop floors for its own needs
16 Car location automatically correct when the elevator run to the end station ,the system automatically inspection and rectification of the location information based on the first level forced deceleration switch .At the same time, assisted by a special rate of forced deceleration
17 Reverse cancelling When the elevator run to the end floor or the direction changed, system cancel all calls registered of the reverse directions.
18 Floor service set for front door and back door The system according to customer set the floor to open the front door or back door or both at the same time
19 Repetition of door closing After the elevator continuing close the door for a certain time, If the door-lock has not been closed, the elevator opens the door automatically, and then repeats the close the door.
20 Open the door outside this hall Under the condition that there is no other command or outside-call ,if the car stop at a floor, press the call button this floor, the door automatically open
21 Closing button for door-closing in advance When Elevator in the automatic operation mode and the door is open, it can through the close button to close the door ahead of time to make the elevator efficiency
22 Category setting for the time of keeping door open System can automatically identify different time to keep the open of calls to open the door, instructions to open the door, the door to protect open, delay to open the door to open the door in accordance with the setting time
23 Keep open function By press the keeping the door open button ,the elevator delay closing to meet the need of carrying goods
Serial number Function name Function introduction Remark
24 Hall call display by bit System allows the display of each floor using the 0-9, as well as any letters of permutation and combination of characters for use of the special conditions.
25 Rolling show the direction of running During the elevator running, the display outside shows the direction of running
26 Dot matrix display lift status Through the dot matrix it shows the direction of the elevator, the floor elevator stops, elevator status(such as failure, overload, overhaul) etc.
27 Show jumping floor Flexible defining the outside display panel display, show non-continuous data for its own needs
28 Full selective when the elevator running in automatic or driver state will be responded to inside-call signal meanwhile responded to hall call button signals, any service floor can call the elevator by register the up and down signal
29 Up selective When the elevator running in automatic or driver state will be responded to inside-call signal meanwhile responded to outside-call button signals, any service floor can call the elevator by register the up signal
30 Down selective When the elevator running in automatic or driver state will be responded to inside-call signal meanwhile responded to outside-call button signals, any service floor can call the elevator by register the down signal
31 Real-time clock management System have real-time clock chip to guarantee the clock work normal
32 Deputy operation box operation Manipulation matching box can be selected if the system have the main control box, the manipulation matching box also equipped with a command button and the door button switch and the function is the same as the main control box
33 Car arrival gong After the elevator arrival at the destination floor in accordance with the requirements of passengers, the car top board sent the signal.
34 Double hall call in the same floor Double hall-call can be set when opposite door in the same floor
35 Forced deceleration monitoring function System in automatic operation mode correcting the location of the elevator car according to the forced deceleration switch position , as well as the action switches to monitor the situation
36 Weighing signal compensation In high-end applications System can use weighing signal to compensate the start of the elevator
37 Leveling finetuning System can be fine-tune the accuracy of leveling by adjust the F6 and F7 parameters
38 Fault record System recorded faults, including fault resulting from information such as time and floors.
Serial number Function name Function introduction Remark
39 Overload Protection When the overload switch actions, the elevator will not closed, and the buzzer sounds
40 Light curtain protection When something block in the middle of the door during the door is closing, the light curtain protection action then the elevator turn to open the door. But the light curtain protection does not work in the fire operation.
41 Non-open outside door zone Prohibit open the door automatically when system not in gate-area
42 Protection against reversal travel System identify the direction of rotary encoder feedback signals,determining the actual direction of the motor in operation,once the signal reversed the system will be alarm
43 Anti-slip protection When the elevator not running in overhaul state, if the elevator continuous running beyond the running time limiter set time (maximum 45 seconds) and the leveling switch not act. System will regard this as detect the rope slip fault, so stop the car all running, until a power-on reset or go to overhaul state, in order to restore normal operation.
44 Trigger point detection protection of trigger If system detect the contactor on abnormal state when the elevator in running or stopping state, the system will automatically protect, generate a fault code display.
45 Motor over-current protection When detecting the motor current value is greater than the maximum allowable, the system automatic protection, generate a fault code display.
46 Power source overvoltage protection When Detecting the power supply voltage is greater than the maximum allowable value, the system automatic protection, generate a fault code display.
47 Motor overload protection When detecting the motor is overload, the system automatic protection, generate a fault code display.
48 Encoder fault protection System only use a high-speed encoder for closed loop vector control, if the encoder failure, the system stop automatically to avoid the runaway failure which caused by the encoder failure not available.
49 Shaft auto-tuning failure judgment Without right shaft data, the elevator will not be able to running. so we set the self-learning fault diagnostic if the shaft self-learning does not properly completed
50 Drive module overheating protection When detecting the drive module overheating, the system automatic protection
51 Door switch fault protection When detecting the elevator not yet close the door effective after the elevator open and close the door beyond the number set, system stop close and open the door switch and output the fault.
52 Protection of When the door-lock disconnected during the elevator is running, doorlock disconnect when running the system automatic protection, and generate a fault code.
Serial number Function name Function introduction Remark
53 Limit switch protection If the Up (down) limit switch action, the elevator ban on run to up(down),but to run to the opposite direction
54 Over-speed protection Assurance the speed of car in the range of security speed to ensure the passengers and cargo security.
55 leveling switch fault protection When the elevator in the automatic running mode, it identify leveling signal loss and adhesion status.
56 Output contactor abnormal detection By detecting the output current situation to determine whether the output contactor is abnormal before the brake open.
57 Protection against false door locking Elevator in the automatic running mode identify whether the door-lock is anomalies every time open the door in place
58 The best curve generated automatically Systems automatically computing the most suitable for the principle of human-machine function curve according to the distance needed to run, and is not subjected to restrictions on short floor and the number of constraints
59 Emergency rescue running For the elevator motor which Human force upgrading the car with rated load lager than 400N Set emergency electrical running switch and operation to replace manually upgrading.
60 Parallel Operation Two elevators through Serial communication (can bus) for data transmission. coordinate outside-call and improve operational efficiency
61 Motor parameter auto-tuning with no load For induction motors control system can automatically recognize the motor resistance, inductance, control parameters, no-load current to accurately control the motor. As for the permanent magnet synchronous motor, control system can identify the angle of rotary encoder
62 Cancel the wrong direction Passengers can press the command button continuously twice in the control box to cancel the last error registration instructions.
63 Choice of open and close the door control protection System can flexible set whether continuous output commands after open the door in place, closed in place in accordance with the type of door
64 Anti-nuisance function System identifies the number of passengers in car and automatically determines the number of passengers inside and comparison with the instructions registered in car. If an excessive number of calls registered, then the system considers it is anti-nuisance status and cancels all the calls in car. You need to re-register correct calls
65 Parallel base floor wait Only the system with parallel can select this function, when elevators in parallel are not in the base station and no instruction, either will automatically return to the idle base station
Serial number Function name Function introduction Remark
66 Current aslant removal When use permanent magnet synchronous motor, after the elevator decelerating and stopping, the maintain current of the motor removed by the slope way to abnormal noise of the motor during the process
67 Peak service Parallel peak is in the peak time set, if the inside-call from this peak floor is more than 3, then system in peak service. the inside-call effective all the time, the elevator is free it will be go to this floor
68 Time-sharing services Flexible setting the time-sharing service time period and the corresponding time-sharing service floors.
69 Guard floor at night Protect floor of elevator, when 22 o’clock to 6 o’clock the Protect floor is valid, the elevator will be running to the Protect floor every time when the elevator running, stop at the protect floor to open the door and then run to the target floor to improve security
70 Drivers reversing Drivers choose the direction of the elevator through a special button
71 Outside approaching gong After the elevator reach the floor,through PW-01 sent outside lights arrival forecasting
72 Outside arrival gong After the elevator reach the floor,through PW-01 sent outside clock arrival forecasting
73 Call conglutination judgment System can identify the conglutination situation of the hall call button, automatically remove the call of the adhesion to avoid the elevator can not be closed to run caused by the hall-call button conglutination
74 Next landing If the elevator continued to open the door more than the time of open the door, the open limit has not yet been act, the elevator would be turned into the closing door state, and after the door closed, automatically run the next registered floor
75 Short-circuit test against the earth When first supply power, the system test output U, V, W to determine whether the existence of short-circuit fault.

2)Optional function

78 Re-leveling when the door is open The lift stop at the floor station, a large number of persons or goods entering and leaving, The leveling fluctuated because of the elastic deformation of elevator Wire Rope and the rubber. System allows run automatically at the speed of re-leveling to leveling station in the state of the door opened Configure pre-opening board
79 Advanced open Under the automatic operation state,the speed during stopping is less than 0.1m/s and the gate signals effective, system shorted door-lock signal through advanced door-opening module and then open the door ahead of time to make the elevator efficiency Configure pre-opening board
80 Blackout rescue function Equipped with emergency power for the elevator, when a power outage emergency power system to enable low speed to help themselves. Required to provide emergency power

                               Integrated Elevator Inverter Systems

Standard PG  Cards

  1. PG Card :LPG07       support asynchronous motors,             Endoder type: ABZ incremental encoder
  2. PG Card :LPG04       support  syn & asynchronous motors,  Endoder type: 5V UVW encoder
  3. PG Card :LPG10       support  synchronous motors,             Endoder type: SIN/COS encoder
  4. PG Card :LPG03       support  synchronous motors,             Endoder type: EnDat encoder
  5. PG Card :LPG05       support  syn & asynchronous motors,  Endoder type: Rotary transformer encoder

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