Project Description

  • Open single shaft tube linear motor mudule
  • tubular linear motor

Compact structure with strong thrust.
The best thrust efficiency linear motors in the world.
The most optimized magnet circuit.
The lowest fluctuation of speed and thrust.
Easy to install
High reliability,almost free maintenace.
Low noise,zero friction. double overheat protection.
Extremely low EMI and EMF.

tubular linear motor

Tubular Linear Motors


Single shaft tube linear motor

Open single shaft tube linear motor module

Open single shaft double guide rail tube linear motor module

Close single shaft double guide rail tube linear motor module

6mm~32mm shaft diameter

Stroke up to 1100mm

Accuracy     0.1 micron

Speed            4m/s

Peak thrust   4.5~420N

Continuous thrust  1.5~140N

Easy to use

T series linear motor with built-in position sensor, temperature sensor, compatible with dozens of universal servo drives, even plug and play

Flexible installation

High reliability and free maintenance.

Electric motor stator non-contact, low noise, frictionless, extremely low EMI and EMF, double overheating protection, reliability is rock-solid.

Small volume big energy

T series tube linear motors are of small volume and large thrust. It is derived from our design of optimal thermal conductivity structure, optimum magnetic circuit optimization, maximum winding coefficient, optimal winding process and minimum thrust fluctuation.

High-efficiency thermal conductivity structure

Use a patented heat conduction structure to ensure the motor can run continuously with a big thrust. Owing to our precision assembly process and special thermal insulation technology,under which our products become the  minimum thermal resistance coreless tube  linear motor in this field.

High strength thermal conductivity packaging material.

EMI has enormous influence on the harm to the stable operation of the equipment, and similar products paid little attention to these problems, we specifically developed a special solution for the problem which people ignore. Literally, our full range of linear motors are the high-performance motor with the lowest EMI influence.Using our linear motors enable your equipments to stably and reliably running.

Precision winding technology

The performance of the motor stator coil determines the motor’s performance, and our special winding mode makes the slot full rate up to the highest, thus providing a strong magnetic field for the high-performance motor.

Thrust wave optimization technique

Low thrust fluctuation is an important index of linear motor performance. Using finite element technique to optimize magnetic field coupling,the thrust is almost linear in the whole stroke.

Stator sine field reinforcement technique -.

Normally, the linear motor stator’s magnetic field distribution wave form is close to the square wave, the resulting problem is, the motor coupling magnetic circuit harmonic coefficient is big, which leads to big noise, low efficiency and overheat of the active cells.

Therefore, we specially optimized the design of the new stator magnetic circuit structure and achieved the ideal sine wave field

distribution, which is one of our unique advantages.

The strongest EMI suppression technology in the industry.

Dual thermal protection technology.

Motor operation process inevitably produces heat.Though our motor uses the technology of highly efficient heat conduction,

protection is a must, our full range of linear motors provide double thermal protection

Potting material is a key factor for the high-performance motor, so we use unique high thermal conductivity, high TG point, the high dielectric coefficient of resin that fully exceeds its kind products.

Reduce the linear motor speed fluctuation is a comprehensive technology. The unique coreless&slotless structure of the linear

motor itself is of the extremely low-speed fluctuation, plus the patented sinusoidal magnetic field stator,we can achieve the

extremely low-velocity fluctuation at 100 mm/s + / – 0.002% .  max speed up to 5~10m/s,

More Advantages of Tubular Linear Motors

  1. High rigidity (for any application)
  2. Large nominal annular air gap — (convenient installation and alignment)
  3. High repetition precision — (can achieve the accuracy of 0.1 micron repeatability)
  4. Zero tooth groove effect — (extremely low thrust fluctuation)
  5. Non-core eddy current effect — (high efficiency and low calorific value)
  6. Zero friction movement — (long service life)
  7. Small size — (volume weight less than the same rotary motor + ball screw)

tubular linear motor application

tubular linear motor application

Standard tube linear motor catalog

T- tube linear motor catalog

If you need a quotation of customized tube linear motor, you are requested to download the technical requirement form and fill in it with your detailed requirement and send it to us.

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Customized Technical  Requirement Form of  Linear Motor