Project Description

  • welding seam automatic tracking

Welding Robot-  Welding Seam Automatic Tracking

6 axis robot
Max working radius 1400mm
Rated payload: 6kg
Protective class :IP67

Repetitive accuracy: 0.05mm for JS06C 140,   0.08mm FOR JS06C144
Automatic laser tracking of welding seam

Welding Robot Details

Robot Welding Head

Flexible to adapt to changing
welding tasks, torch length can be
customized, stable wire feeding, can
cope with complicated workpiece

Welding Wire Feeder

Two modes:continuous wire feeding and
pulse wire feeding.Stable wire feeding, can
adjust wire filling speed, and control wire
withdrawl, effectively advoid the wire
adhesive to work piece.

Quality Welding Machine

Stable and concentrated arc, less
splash, strong penetration
capability, strong gap bridging
ability, insensitive to wire
extension, suitable for full position
welding operation

Robot Fence

Only the feeding channel and the cutting
channel are reserved for the robot
protective net.Isolate equipment from staff
to ensure staff safety.

Robot Arm

The robot arm is made of aluminum
casting through CNC machining
center, and the surface is dealt with
through a spray treatment to
achieve the exquisite appearance.

Reserved Hole For Cables

Robot arm reserved line holes which are
artistic and do not interfere with the
operation of the manipulator, the end
reserved a pneumatic line interface and
data wire joint.

Programming Panel

Large LCD display, simple operation
menu, easy to do programming,
online parameter modification and
online self-diagnosis of fault

Robot Controller

The robot’s intelligent motion control
system uses industry PC technology, the full
digital servo drives and motors are applied
to the robot’s six joints .